Your view: It's time to clean up our language .

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To watch many movies today is all but impossible for Christians.

Perhaps it is because of all the incredible movies seen before the 60s. When the movie actors lost their temper, patience or control in a movie, we all got the message without a single F-bomb dropping. In far too many movies today, it is used to show a lost temper, as an exclamation point or a swagger because they can now get away with it or to assure themselves an R-rated movie.

What they do not realize or care is that they are slandering and degrading the gift of procreation.

Today sex is not a gift – it is a toy. A toy that has given us horrible diseases, lost Christian morals and millions of dead babies. The F-bombs in so many of our movies, not to mention in general speaking, is a painful reminder of how quickly we can become obliviously immune to ungodly speaking.

If you have picked up the habit, replace it with a strong exclamation – perhaps like fury. It seriously does not take long to make the switch for good because cursing is nothing but a bad habit.

I had three boys and many foster kids but you never heard them curse in our home. We have always believed that the Third Commandment covers more than just the Lord’s name — although that is the most important — but all crude and ungodly speaking.

Annette Corrigan

Jackson Township


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