Why is this geriatric centre stuck in limbo .




Nayagarh: Fate of an under-construction geriatric treatment centre in the district headquarters hospital premises has been pushed into uncertainty after the district health authorities went ahead with its construction without getting approval for the revised plan of the project, a report said.

As a result, Rs 40 lakh spent so far on its construction has gone down the drain. Moreover, the fate of the under-construction centre now hangs in balance as the state government has refused to sanction further funds for completion of rest of the works.

This has sparked resentment among the residents as the project is lying incomplete without being of any use for the senior citizens. Locals have demanded a probe into the irregularities and action against the accused persons.

Sources said the state government had directed all the districts for construction of a geriatric centre in their district headquarters hospital premises. The state government had sanctioned Rs 40 lakh for the purpose to Nayagarh district. However, during construction, the district health authorities abruptly changed the plan but did not get it approved by the higher authorities.

The state government refused to sanction further funds for completion of the project as the revised plan was not approved by it. Locals have sought to know who gave permission to change the plan. Moreover, if there was no permission to change the plan then why the authorities went ahead with the construction without getting the plan approved by the state government.

Reports said that the district health authorities are now trying to cover up their wrongdoings by constructing a 100-bed multistoried building at the place. They have planned to construct the multistoried building by spending Rs 34 crore which the state government has already sanctioned to the district, a senior official of the district health authorities on condition of anonymity said.

He added that the proposed multistoried building will be of no use for the patients as the area lacks a proper road for movement of vehicles and patients. As a result, the funds sanctioned will again go waste. Earlier, residents and various stakeholders had opposed the construction of a mother and child health centre at the place for the same reason.

Residents have demanded to construct the multistoried building in place of the old building of the surgery department which has become dilapidated and requires urgent demolition.