U.S. Communications & Public Affairs Leader, Immunology/Dermatology in Horsham ... .




"}},"PREVIOUS_RESUME":"Select From Previous Resumes","PREVIOUSLY_UPLOADED":"Or, select from one of your previously uploaded documents:","EASYAPPLY-LINKEDIN-BUTTON-DESC":"By using LinkedIn we are able to quickly and efficiently pull all profile and job information with a single click.","EMAIL_INSTRUCTIONS_FORWARD":"Forward an email with your resume attached to: {{email}}
Login!","INVALID_REGISTRATION":"Invalid registration used. Please verify fields."},"PRIVACY_POLICY":{"CANCEL":"Disagree","SUBMIT":"Agree","BODY_CONT2":"

The Company will take the appropriate administrative, physical, and technical measures to protect Personal Information consistent with applicable privacy and data security laws and regulations. When the Company retains a third-party service provider to store or process personal information, that provider will be assessed for their ability to meet industry standard security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the Personal Information.\n

The Careers Site may contain links to other sites. This Policy does not address, and we are not responsible for, the privacy, information or other practices of any third parties, including any third party operating any website or service to which the Careers Site links. The inclusion of a link on the Careers Site does not imply endorsement of the linked site or service by Johnson & Johnson or our affiliates. Candidates are encouraged to read the privacy policies or terms of use of those sites when accessing those sites.\n

The Careers Site allows you to apply for jobs world-wide, as a benefit of Johnson & Johnson’s centralized global recruitment function. This Careers Site is operated from the United States. Accordingly, any personal information you submit to the Careers Site will be collected in the United States and will be subject to U.S. laws. However, if we share your personal information with an affiliate located in another country in its capacity as a potential employer, the affiliate will handle your personal information in accordance with this Policy. Any hiring or other employment-related decisions will be made by the hiring affiliate in accordance with the laws of the country where the job will be located.\n

The Careers Site is not intended for minors in any jurisdiction, generally age 18 or 21. Please know that you will be required to prove you are over the age of majority in your country to continue in the talent selection process.\n

If you currently work for Johnson & Johnson or one of our affiliates, you must be eligible to apply for a different position within Johnson & Johnson to use the Careers Site. If you accept such a position, your benefits programs and Human Resources policies may change. Please consult with the HR manager for the new position concerning application eligibility, benefit programs, and HR policies applicable to that position.\n

The Careers Site is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation.\n

We reserve the right to amend this Policy at any time in order to address future developments of Johnson & Johnson, the Careers Site, or changes in industry or legal trends. The “Last Updated” legend at the top of this Policy indicates when this Policy was last revised. Any changes will become effective when we post the revised Policy on the Careers Site.\n

Because email communications are not always secure, please do not include sensitive information in your emails to us.

With your consent, we will use your information to send communications about our opportunities in Talent Acquisition tailored to your interests via email and telephone.

","ERROR":"You must agree to the Consent Form below to be eligible to continue.","TITLE":"JOHNSON & JOHNSON’S TALENT ACQUISITION PRIVACY POLICY","BODY":"

Johnson & Johnson values your trust and is committed to the responsible management, use, and protection of personal information. This Job Applicant Privacy Policy (\"Policy\") describes our practices in connection with the information that Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc., located in the United States of America, or other websites of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies,collect from you online or offline in connection with your application for a job with the hiring affiliate. For more details, please read the Privacy Policy on the respective website.

We collect information from you in connection with your application.

Where the collection or processing is based on your consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time to the extent permitted by applicable law.

If we hire you, personal information we collect in connection with your application may be incorporated into our human resources system and used to manage the new-hire process. Any such information can become part of your employee file and used for other employment-related purposes.

We will limit access to such personal information to personnel that need to know the information for the purposes described in this Policy, including personnel in the recruiting, human resources, and information technology departments, and in the department responsible for the position for which you are applying.

Johnson & Johnson also shares personal information with approved third-party service providers to facilitate the services they provide to us, including hosting and operating the Careers Site, recruiting assistance, and background check processing.

We will retain personal information for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Policy. The criteria used to determine our retention periods may include one or more of the following: (a) as long as we have an ongoing relationship with you; (b) as required by a legal obligation to which we are subject; and (c) as advisable in light of our legal position (such as with respect to applicable statutes of limitations, litigation, audits, or regulatory investigations). We also follow our Johnson & Johnson's Enterprise Retention Schedule, which provides for compliance with laws and regulations across the globe, while meeting local and country specific requirements.

If you register on the Careers Site, you may access, review, and change your personal information stored therein by logging into the Careers Site and updating your account information, as appropriate. The updated profile will be used as the default the next time you apply for a job using your account online. To change personal information that you have already submitted for consideration for a specific position, please update your profile and resubmit your application for that position. We encourage you to promptly update your personal information if it changes or is inaccurate.

Where permitted by applicable law, you may request to review, access correct, update, restrict, suppress, or delete your personal information; request that we cease using your personal information, as permitted by applicable law; or request a copy or portability of your personal information. You may make any such request by contacting us as indicated below in the \"Contact Us\" section. We will respond to your request consistent with applicable law, and if any circumstances cause delay in our response, you will be promptly notified. If you make such a request, please make clear what personal information you would like to access or have changed, whether you would like to have personal information that you have provided to us suppressed from our database, or otherwise let us know what limitations you would like to put on our use of your personal information.

For your protection, we only implement requests with respect to the information associated with the e‑mail address that you use to send us your request, and we may also need to verify your identity before processing your request. Please note that certain personal information may be exempt from such requests pursuant to applicable data protection laws or other laws and regulations.

Where, in accordance with this Policy, we send or outsource your personal information to a country other than the country in which you are rendering services for the Company, that personal information may be available to the applicable foreign government or its agencies under a lawful order made in that foreign country for purposes other than described herein.

If you consider that your personal information contained in the Company database may be subject to correction, updating or deletion, or if you have a good faith believe that there has been a breach of any of the duties contained in the applicable Privacy Law, you may file a complaint with the Company.

You agree with the following amendments to the Section \"Disclosure and Transfer of Information\": In case of disclosure of personal information by the Company to the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies and authorized third parties, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies and authorized third parties may only have access to and use the personal information. Any other actions, such as changes, amendment, deletion, or transfer of the personal information by receiving company are prohibited.

You agree with the following amendments to the section \"Choices and Access\": you may access, modify or correct most personal information about you making the corresponding request by contacting us as per below &\"Contact Us\" section. If you have any questions or concerns about how we process your personal information or if you wish to request access, correction, cessation or restriction of use, anonymization, suppression, deletion or a copy or portability of your personal information (to the extent these rights are provided to you by applicable law and is not inconsistent with other obligations), please contact us as per below \"Contact Us\" section.

Additional Provision for South Korea

Destruction of personal information: When the Company destroys personal information, it will do so in a manner that makes it unreadable or non-reconstructable.

Additional Provisions for Switzerland

We may transfer your personal information to countries located outside of Switzerland. Some of these countries are recognized by the Swiss Data Protection Commissioner as providing an adequate level of protection (the full list of these countries is available under https://www.edoeb.admin.ch/dam/edoeb/de/dokumente/2017/04/staatenliste.pdf.download.pdf/staatenliste.pdf). With regard to transfers from Switzerland to countries not considered adequate, we have put in place adequate safeguards, such as EU Standard Contractual Clauses, to protect your personal information.

Additional Provisions for USA

In states where residents are allowed additional individual rights, the Company is committed to honoring those rights for such residents, including requests that may limit how we use and share your data, consistent with applicable law. Note that the applicable law may exempt certain personal information from such requests. To submit a request based on local law, please contact us as indicated below in the \"Contact Us\" section. We will respond to your request consistent with applicable law, and if any circumstances cause delay in our response, you will be promptly notified.


We reserve the right to amend this Policy at any time in order to address future developments of Johnson & Johnson, the Careers Site, or changes in industry or legal trends. The \"Last Updated\" legend at the top of this Policy indicates when this Policy was last revised. Any changes will become effective when we post the revised Policy on the Careers Site.


If you have questions or requests, please feel free to contact us at

Because email communications are not always secure, please do not include sensitive information in your emails to us.


I acknowledge that I have received, reviewed and understood this Policy, and consent to the use of my personal information for the uses described above.

"},"EMAIL_OPTION":{"HEADER":"Login with your email account"},"LINKEDIN":"Connect with Linkedin","PLACEHOLDER":{"CONFIRM_NEW_PASSWORD":"Confirm New Password","NEW_PASSWORD":"New Password","PASSWORD":"Password","CONFIRM_PASSWORD":"Confirm Password","LASTNAME":"Last name","CURRENT_PASSWORD":"Current Password","GENDER":"Gender","USERNAME":"Username","FIRSTNAME":"First name","EMAIL":"Email"},"VALIDATIONS":{"CONTACT":"At least one method of contact is required","WRONG_INFO":"Wrong information. Please try again!","EMAIL_FORMAT":"Invalid email","FIRSTNAME":"First name not filled","EMAIL":"Email not filled","SECURITY_ANSWER":"Security Answer not filled","PASSWORD":"Password not filled","PASSWORD-REQUIREMENTS":"Password must contain at least 1 lower case letter, 1 capital letter (A-Z), 1 special character (!@#$%^&*), and a number (0-9)","LASTNAME":"Last name not filled","AGREE":"Please Agree to the Privacy Policy","GENDER":"Gender not selected","PASSWORD_MISMATCH":"Passwords Do Not Match","USERNAME":"Username not filled"},"REGISTER_LINK":"Not a user? Register!","HELPER_TEXT":"
  • J&J employees should apply through our Internal Careers site.
  • Referred candidates must use the email address on which they received their referral email to create or login to an account.
","INVALID_LOGIN":"Incorrect username and password combination.","PASSWORD":"Password","SUBMIT":"Log In","TITLE":"Login","FORGOT_USERNAME":{"TITLE":"Forgot Username"},"ATS_UNAVAILABLE":"The applicant tracking system is unavailable at this time, please try again later.","VERIFICATION":{"BODY":"

Dear ${user.firstName},


Thanks for choosing to apply for a job with ${client.display.name}! Please verify ownership of your email address by clicking this link.


Alternatively, you can verify your account by pasting this URL into your browser: ${page.url}?id=${user.id}&ptoken=${user.token}


Please note that your job application will not be submitted to ${client.display.name} until you have successfully verified ownership of your email address.




The ${client.display.name} Recruiting Team

"}},"candidate_connect":{"cc_signup":{"error_blank_input":"Please fill out all fields."},"email_signup":{"error_blank_input":"Please fill out all fields.","error_network":"There was an error processing your request. Please try again later.","error_title":"Error","success_title":"Success!","error_invalid":"Please enter a valid email address.","success_button":"Continue","success_paragraph":"Thanks for subscribing. Check your email shortly for a confirmation.","error_existing_email":"This candidate profile already exists.","userExists_paragraph":"A message has been sent to your email address . Please follow the instructions to verify it.","userExists_title":"Success!"}},"APPLICATION_CARD":{"REFERRED_ON":"Referred on:","CANDIDATE_FOR":"Candidate for:","EXPIRED_LABEL":"Expired","INVITED":"Invited to apply","REFERRED_TO":"Referred to J&J:","OFFER":"Making an offer","EXPIRED":"Your employee referral life cycle has expired. Renew referral now","HIRED":"Hired!","RENEW":"Refer to a new job to renew","UPDATED":"Updated {{days}} ago","RECEIVED":"Application received","RECRUITER":"Recruiter:","CANDIDATE_UNTIL":"Connected until:","BONUS":"Bonus","REVIEW":"Application in review"},"SHINE_HEADER":"Want to track your application? Explore Shine!","JOB_DESCRIPTION":{"LOCATION":"Location","LOCATION_ARIA_LABEL":"Job Location","REQ_ID":"Req ID:","EMPLOYMENT_TYPE":"Position Type:","REQ_ID_ARIA_LABEL":"Job ID","SKILLS":"Skills:","BACK":"Back","DESCRIPTION_HEADING":"Job Description","STREET_ADDRESS":"Street Address:","CATEGORIES":"Category","CATEGORIES_ARIA_LABEL":"Job Category"},"DONE":{"SUCCESS":{"TEXT":"You will receive an email confirmation from the Johnson & Johnson Employee Referrals Program if your connection chooses to submit a referral. This email will contain instruction on how to apply to the role once referred. If you do not hear back in a few days regarding your request, we encourage you to follow-up with your connection or to apply directly to the job through the Johnson & Johnson Careers site at jobs.jnj.com."}},"COUNTRIES":{"TURKEY":"Turkey","MOROCCO":"Morocco","SLOVENIA":"Slovenia","AZERBAIJAN":"Azerbaijan","BELGIUM":"Belgium","NEW ZEALAND":"New Zealand","FRANCE":"France","SERBIA":"Serbia","AUSTRIA":"Austria","PHILIPPINES":"Philippines","ECUADOR":"Ecuador","MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF":"Moldova, Republic of","KYRGYZSTAN":"Kyrgyzstan","BELARUS":"Belarus","SPAIN":"Spain","BULGARIA":"Bulgaria","PORTUGAL":"Portugal","AUSTRALIA":"Australia","FINLAND":"Finland","IRELAND":"Ireland","INDONESIA":"Indonesia","GEORGIA":"Georgia","MALAYSIA":"Malaysia","DOMINICAN REPUBLIC":"Dominican Republic","PAKISTAN":"Pakistan","ITALY":"Italy","CHILE":"Chile","BRAZIL":"Brazil","UNITED ARAB EMIRATES":"United Arab Emirates","ALGERIA":"Algeria","THAILAND":"Thailand","GUATEMALA":"Guatemala","HUNGARY":"Hungary","TURKMENISTAN":"Turkmenistan","CANADA":"Canada","CZECH REPUBLIC":"Czech Republic","PANAMA":"Panama","UNITED STATES":"United States","TAIWAN":"Taiwan","VIETNAM":"Vietnam","SLOVAKIA":"Slovakia","SOUTH AFRICA":"South Africa","ARGENTINA":"Argentina","HONG KONG":"Hong Kong","URUGUAY":"Uruguay","GERMANY":"Germany","UKRAINE":"Ukraine","EGYPT":"Egypt","JAPAN":"Japan","VENEZUELA":"Venezuela","BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA":"Bosnia and Herzegovina","COSTA RICA":"Costa Rica","SOUTH KOREA":"South Korea","SWITZERLAND":"Switzerland","ROMANIA":"Romania","PERU":"Peru","SWEDEN":"Sweden","UZBEKISTAN":"Uzbekistan","JORDAN":"Jordan","LATVIA":"Latvia","CHINA":"China","NORWAY":"Norway","ESTONIA":"Estonia","SINGAPORE":"Singapore","POLAND":"Poland","CROATIA":"Croatia","LEBANON":"Lebanon","DENMARK":"Denmark","MEXICO":"Mexico","LITHUANIA":"Lithuania","PARAGUAY":"Paraguay","COLOMBIA":"Colombia","KAZAKHSTAN":"Kazakhstan","RUSSIA":"Russia","SAUDI ARABIA":"Saudi Arabia","NETHERLANDS":"Netherlands","UNITED KINGDOM":"United Kingdom","ARMENIA":"Armenia"},"SEARCH":{"NO_CITIES":"No cities","NO_LOCATIONS":"No locations","NO_BRANDS":"No brands","NO_CATEGORIES":"No categories","NO_COUNTRY":"No country","NO_STATE":"No states"},"SHINE_CTA_ALT":"Explore Now","SHINE_INTRO_ALT":"You can now track your real-time progress step by step through our hiring process. You will also find valuable content that will help you plan and prepare for each stage in our recruiting process!","VALIDATION":{"EMAIL_DOMAIN":"Invalid Email Domain"},"REFERRALS":{"TRACK_REFERRAL":{"TILE":{"REFERRAL_EXPIRED":"Your employee referral life cycle has expired. Renew referral now.","REFERRAL_RENEW":"Refer to a new job to renew"}},"REFERRAL_SUCCESS":{"MESSAGE":"You’ve successfully submitted a referral for {{name}} to the {{jobTitle}} position in {{jobLocation}}.","BACK_BUTTON":"Back","TITLE":"Thank You!"},"REFER":{"START":{"BUTTON":"Get Started"},"MODAL":{"CHECK_STATUS":{"EMAIL":"Enter Email"},"START":{"REJECT":"Back","HEADER":"First, let's check your eligibility.","CONFIRM":"Check Email","BODY":"Since there is a limit for 1 referral within 2 years, we need to make sure you’re currently eligible to submit a referral. Enter your employee email below."},"ERROR":{"HEADER":"Not Eligible","BODY":"This person isn't eligible to be referred by you to the {{ title }} position. They have already been recommended before by another employee.","NEW_REFERRAL":"Refer Another Candidate"}}},"TRACK_REFERRALS":{"REFER_SOMEONE_ELSE":"Refer Someone Else","SHOW_MORE":"Show More","INVITED_TO_APPLY":"Invited to apply","REFERRAL_ROLE":{"APP":{"CREATED_AT":"Created at:","STARTED_ON":"Applied on:"}},"CANDIDATE_INFO":{"REFERRED_ON":"Referred On:","REFERRAL_COUNT":"# of Positions:","STATUS":"Status:","EXPIRED_LABEL":"Expired","TITLE":"You Referred","CONNECTED_UNTIL":"Connected Until:"},"HEADER":"You have {{ count }} Referrals","REFERRAL_INFO":{"UPDATED":"Updated"},"PORTAL":{"APPLICATIONS":{"HIRING_FLOW_STEP":{"RECEIVED":{"TITLE":"Referral Received"}}}},"SHOW_LESS":"Show Less"},"SUMMARY":{"TRACK_REFERRALS":"Track All Your Referrals","ACTIVE_REFERRALS":"Active Referrals","LATEST_REFERRAL":"Your Latest Referral"},"MESSAGES":{"ERROR_POPUP":{"TITLE":"Error","BODY":"Error Message. You should probably update the token."}},"SUMMARY_BAR":{"REFERRED_ON_INFO":"On {{date}} for the {{title}} Position in {{location}}"},"MAKE_REFERRAL":{"ABOUT_REFERRAL":"Tell us about your referral","PHONE":"Phone","BACK_BUTTON":"Back","MENTION_NO":"No","EMAIL":"Email","LAST_NAME":"Last Name","MENTION_YES":"Yes","FIRST_NAME":"First Name","FIT":"Why is this person a good fit?","SUBMIT_BUTTON":"Submit","MENTION":"Can we mention you when we reach out to this candidate?","TITLE":"Make a Referral","RELATIONSHIP":"What is your relationship to this person?"},"FAQ":{"MORE_FAQ":"More FAQs","ANSWER":{"1":"Test Referral FAQ Answer 1","2":"Test Referral Answer 2","3":"Test referrals faq answer 3","4":"Test faq referrals answer 4"},"HEADER":"Frequently Asked Questions","SUBHEADER":"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy.","QUESTION":{"1":"Test FAQ Question 1","2":"Test Referral Question 2","3":"Testing Referrals Question 3","4":"Test referral faq question 4"}},"TABS":{"SEARCH_REFER":"Search Jobs & Refer","SEARCH":{"BUTTON":"Search Open Jobs"},"INFO_BLOCKS":{"SUB_TITLE":{"1":"Know someone who'd be a great fit?","2":"Follow their progress through the recruitment process."},"TITLE":{"1":"1. Refer","2":"2. Track"},"CONTENT":{"1":"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus est Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.","2":"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus est Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet."}},"LEARN":{"BUTTON":" Learn More
Privacy Policy","JIBE_INPUT-LAST_NAME-PLACEHOLDER":"Last Name","JIBE_INPUT-GENERAL_CONSENT":"\nI understand that Johnson & Johnson will process the personal data that I provide via this form for the purpose of recruitment and, if applicable, for rehiring. My profile will be reviewed by recruiters and I will receive occasional emails about new career opportunities relevant to my profile. For more information, please refer to Employee Privacy Notice available on SUMMIT portal in your transcript.","ALERTS_UNSUBSCRIBE_SUBHEADER":"You have been unsubscribed from all job alerts.","JIBE_INPUT-PHONE_TYPE_HOME":"Home","JIBE_INPUT-LANGUAGES":"Languages","JIBE_SECTION_HEADING-CONTACT":"Contact Info
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required","PLACEHOLDER":"Enter email"},"GDPR":{"APPLY_CONSENT_BODY":"

This career site protects your privacy by adhering to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will not use your data for any purpose to which you do not consent.


We store anonymized interaction data in an aggregated form about visitors and their experiences on our site using cookies and tracking mechanisms. We use this data to fix site defects and improve the general user experience.


We request use of your data for the following purposes:


Job Application Data


This site may collect sensitive personal information as a necessary part of a job application. The data is collected to support one or more job applications, or to match you to future job opportunities. This data is stored and retained for a default period of 12 months to support job matching or improve the user experience for additional job applications. The data for each application is transferred to the Applicant Tracking System in order to move the application through the hiring process.
\nYou have the right to view, update, delete, export, or restrict further processing of your job application data. To exercise these rights, you can e-mail us at privacy@icims.com.
\nConversion Tracking
\nWe store anonymized data on redirects to the career site that is used to measure the effectiveness of other vendors in sourcing job candidates.

\n\nLearn more about your career site data on our Privacy Policy page.","APPLY_CONSENT_TEXT":"

Consent and Data Privacy

","COOKIE_CONSENT_BUTTON_DENY":"Decline","APPLY_CONSENT_DECLINE":"Decline","CLOSE":"x","APPLY_CONSENT_ACCEPT":"Accept","PIXEL_TRACKING_CONSENT_TEXT":"Do you want a Cookie?","THIRDPARTY_CONSENT_BUTTON_DENY":"Decline","THIRDPARTY_TRACKING_CONSENT_TEXT":"Anonymized data is stored for redirects to the career site tracking successful searches leading to job applications in effort to measure effectiveness of partners in sourcing job candidates and job searches. We request use of anonymized data to improve your experience on our site.","COOKIE_CONSENT_BUTTON_ACCEPT":"Accept","THIRDPARTY_CONSENT_BUTTON_ACCEPT":"Okay","CONSENT_BUTTON":"Accept","COOKIE_TRACKING_CONSENT_TEXT":"This site uses cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. Please click the \"Accept\" button or continue to use our site if you agree to our use of cookies.
"},"CRM":{"ISHIRED_FILTER_YES":"Internal","ISHIRED_FILTER_LABEL":"Internal/External","VIP_NAME":"Confidential","SEARCH":{"TITLE":"Search"},"GROUP_LABEL":"Pipeline","CANDIDATE_DETAIL":{"REFERRALS_DETAIL":{"SUBHEADER":{"REFERRER":"Referrer"}},"HEADER":{"REFERRALS_TAB":"Referrals"},"MAIN":{"INVITE_TO_JOIN_HEADER":"Invite to Join the Global Talent Hub"},"BACKGROUND":{"PROFILE":{"MAIN_SECTION_BASIC_INFO_INELIGIBLE_LABEL":"Marked Ineligible Until","CONTACT_UNSUBSCRIBED":"Unsubscribed","CONTACT_SUBSCRIBED":"Subscribed"},"ACTIVITY":{"HIRING_STATUS_DATETIME":"Hiring Status Changed"}}},"SETTINGS":{"RECRUITER_MANAGEMENT":{"FORM_INPUT_ATSID_HELPER_TEXT":"This is located in Recruit on the top left the User Profile. It's also located on the Person Reporting page under \"Reporting & Advanced Options - General\" as \"System ID\".","FORM_INPUT_ATSID_PLACEHOLDER":"iCIMS System ID"}},"PIPELINE_LABEL":"Saved Search","RESULTS_TABLE":{"CURRENT_ROLE_HEADER":"Most Recent Role"},"ADD_EDIT":{"ELIGIBILITY_INFORMATION":{"COUNTRIES_TITLE":"Which Countries?","FLUENT_TITLE":"Which Languages do you Speak Fluently?"},"SOCIAL_LINKS":{"TITLE":"Professional Networking"}},"SCORE_LABEL":"Credo Assessment","CANDIDATE_AUTH_LABEL":"Current User Generated","PIPELINES_LABEL":"Saved Search","ISHIRED_FILTER_NO":"External","REFERRAL_SOURCE_NAME":"Original Source of TRM Entry","CANDIDATE_GENERATED":"User Generated","CONSENT":{"TEXT":"CONSENT_VERSION={1.0.0}\n

This application protects your privacy by adhering to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Jibe will not use your data for any purpose to which you do not consent.\n


We request use of your data for the following purposes:\n

\n User Authentication\n


\n This site retains personally identifiable information, specifically e-mail addresses, as a necessary part of user login. This data is retained for the duration of the user profile lifecycle and enables user authentication.\n


\n Usage Analytics\n


We store anonymized usage data to measure and improve the effectiveness of this CRM application in filling job requisitions and managing talent communities.\n


\n E-mails to Candidates\n


We collect your personal information such as name and email address. This information is used when you send marketing or contact emails to candidates.\n\n

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Eligibility and Rewards.
Get started","TITLE":"Refer","CONTENT":"Find an open role and let our recruiting team know about the qualified person you’d like to suggest for a job."},"REWARD":{"SUB_TITLE":"Cash incentives and our gratitude for every referred candidate linked to you who joins the company.","BUTTON":"About rewards","TITLE":"Reward","CONTENT":"Earn money, help the company in its search for top talent, and make a lasting impact on someone’s career."},"TRACK":{"SUB_TITLE":"Monitor your referral candidate’s progress and look for opportunities to help along the way.","BUTTON":"My dashboard","TITLE":"Track","CONTENT":"Your referral is an important part of our recruiting strategy and we value the time and effort it takes to complete a referral."}},"ABOUT_CONTENT":{"SUB_TITLE":"The Johnson & Johnson Employee Referral Program is the most direct and efficient way to tell the recruiting team about someone you know who might be qualified for an open position.","TITLE":"Accelerate someone’s career and amplify your impact: refer a candidate today","CONTENT2":"Finding the most talented people best poised to be successful in certain roles is no easy task, and that’s why we value employee referrals so highly. Better than anyone, employees like you understand the collaborative mindset that thrives here and recognize that passion in others. So, let’s build a diverse network of innovators and pioneers ready to tackle the most challenging health issues facing humanity.","CONTENT1":"Our breakthrough medicines and products reach more than a billion people across the globe, which means that every idea has the potential to change someone’s life for the better. Any ideas where we can find more people like you?"},"ELIGIBILITY":"Eligibility & Rewards","ABOUT":"About the Employee Referral Program","TRACK":"Track your Referrals"},"JIBE1_ERROR":{"AP107":"New Password cannot be shorter than 8 characters.","AP106":"Please supply the correct Current Password.","AP109":"New Password must contain at least one lowercase character (a-z).","AP108":"New Password cannot be longer than 20 characters.","AP110":"New Password must contain at least one uppercase character (A-Z).","AP101":"Your username or password is incorrect.","AP112":"New Password must contain at least one special character character (~ ! @ # $ %% ^ & * ( ) - _ + =).","AP111":"New Password must contain at least one numeric character (0-9).","CC103":"The maximum number of requests has been exceeded.","AP103":"There is no email address registered to this user account.","CC102":"Your account has been locked.","CC101":"A candidate profile with this email address already exists.","AP102":"The login identifier is invalid.","AP113":"New Password can contain only the following characters (a-Z, A-Z, 0-9) and these symbols: ~ ! @ # $ %% ^ & * ( ) - _ + =","AP105":"You are not permitted to change your password.","AP104":"The New Password Confirmation does not match the New Password."},"NOTIFICATIONS":{"NOT_LOGGED_IN":"You must be logged in to continue.","UNKNOWN_ERROR":"An unknown server error occurred. Please reload the page and try again."},"SHINE_HEADER_UK":"Track your application and find out how to shine a light on your future!","mailto-svg":"https://cms.jibecdn.com/prod/jibeapply/assets/mail... another candidate","CONTENT_P2":"We will be in touch soon, and thanks for the important impact you make every day at our company.","BACK_BUTTON":"Back to MyNextStep","CONTENT_P1":"Each person we meet—whether they are hired or not—is an important connection with unique perspectives and potential, and we appreciate your time and effort in making the introduction. The employee referral link will be active for 12 months from today's date, so if any time between now and then your employee referral candidate is hired for a reward eligible job, you'll receive the financial award associated with this requisition.","TITLE":"Thank you!","QUESTION":"Know someone else who deserves to be part of the world’s healthiest workforce?"},"COUPON_LINK_2":"http://www.neutrogena.com/?utm_medium=affilate&utm... city","COUPON_LINK_1":"https://www.neostrata.com/home.do?activebrand=exuv... country","JOB_ALERTS":{"TOGGLE_ALERT":"Sign up for Job Alerts","DELETE_MODAL_TITLE":"CONFIRM DELETION","NO_ALERTS":"No Job Alerts","CONFIRMATION_SUCCESS_SUBTEXT":"Check your inbox, starting tomorrow, for jobs containing the following keywords","ERROR_NETWORK_SUBTEXT":"Unfortunately, our network is not responding. Please try again later.","DELETE_MODAL_PROMPT":"Are you sure you want to delete this job alert?","ERROR_EMAIL":"Email empty or invalid","MANAGER_HEADER":"Saved Job Alerts","CONFIRMATION_SUCCESS":"Your job alert was successfully created.","ERROR_NETWORK":"Your job alert was NOT created."},"HMP":{"OURSOURCEID_ERR