Ukrainians told me how to stop being afraid of going to the dentist .




Украинцам подсказали, как перестать бояться похода к стоматологуHow to force yourself to go to a party

On Saturday, February 9, the international holiday is celebrated by doctors are most afraid of and often avoid – dentists. Despite the fact that tooth pain called one of the most intolerable, that the dentist neglected most often. It delay as long as possible. Where did this panic fear of dentists – is not clear, but the phobia has taken over the world.

However, leave to deal with the causes experts talk about how to eliminate the consequences, namely, to stop being afraid of going to the dentist.

First, you should consult prudence. It is clearly understood that the postponement of the visit “for later” you complicate things. No matter how sad it was to admit, a toothache will not go away, the flux will not dissolve, and seal in place of the snaps. Do not help neither conspiracies, nor curse, nor wishing upon a star to falling star. Only the doctor.

In this long abstinence from his visit puts you at risk to fall into the hands of a vengeful dentist for even longer. The problem in the beginning could be solved with minimal losses, later becoming a catastrophe. And only you can become your own superhero and save the universe from a terrible Apocalypse. Well dentist yet, but he just have to walk after an incredibly strong-willed jerk.

In order for this leap to make, you need to clearly realize that dentists don’t like torture, and the doctor is waiting for you with huge tongs at the ready, and the overwhelming desire to root out a couple of teeth without anesthetic. Quite the opposite – the dentist and he did not mind to do everything as gently and does not hurt. Because then you will cease to fear will begin to trust and “wear” their teeth only to the proven master.

If your fears come from childhood, keep in mind technology does not stand still, and medicine, the tooth including moves after progress. The choice of painkillers is now much wider and not always need a shot – it is replaced with applications with anesthetics.

So you’ve accepted the inevitable and the inevitability of going to the dentist, but the determination was not increased? Not surprising. After years cultured at a fear of dentists in General difficult to get rid of it. And if he’s backed up by an unpleasant experience – even more so. But give up too soon, and nowhere to retreat.

Choosing a doctor is a really important part of the plan for the visit to the dentist. For starters, you can learn from friends, to listen to their recommendations “for” and “against”. If in your environment it’s not a fan of these procedures, there is always the Internet. You can choose the clinic, read the reviews about it, to see what treatments are offered. Next step would be the consultation you and the doctor will meet you, and to the clinic view. The main thing – not to hesitate to ask questions and generally build a rapport with the dentist. If the doctor you don’t like it, does not inspire confidence – don’t hesitate to look any further. In the end, you will go to the hairdresser, if you the veil is not the way you wanted. And then the dentist whom you trust your teeth!

Little life hack: make arrangements with the dentist of a conventional sign, where it will stop and restoration work of your teeth and give you breath. So you will be able to monitor the situation and will feel more comfortable and safer.

The last item that can scare even the most steadfast – the price for dental treatment. There will not help nor meditation, nor a sedative. But don’t despair just yet! First, many clinics offer installment payment for their services. Secondly, on the cost you can learn “on the shore” – the exact amount is unlikely, but the plug – and out – easily. Then we can prepare to mortgage the property for example. Besides, do not have to rush to a private clinic. The state of dentistry for a moderate price tag will put a good seal and not stingy on pain medication. In addition, many doctors combine work in the state clinic with private practice. So the chances to find a budget dentist great enough, the main thing is not to drift and boldly go into battle.

Do not be afraid of dentists, they also have a hard time when it comes to a very Jumpy patient. But still wish you as little as possible to get comfortable, but a little intimidating the dental chair!