Trichology: hair loss in men can provoke incorrect headdress .

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Doctors believe that male pattern baldness can provoke not only genetics, but also the incorrect headdress. On how to wear and choose a hat that she has disturbed the natural growth of hair, said trichologists clinical complex Cleveland Clinic.

Трихологи: Облысение у мужчин может спровоцировать неправильный головной убор

The appearance of bald patches and alopecia can lead too tight headpiece that can be harmful to hair follicles. At the same time abandon caps in the cold season, experts strongly recommend. Frosty and windy weather in winter would seriously affect the condition of hair in men. Trichologists recommend to choose hats made from natural materials, it is necessary to monitor their purity. Dirty hats are often the cause of dandruff and inflammation on the scalp. As noted by Dr. Yoram Benita from the clinic Hair Clinic in Israel, a very dangerous synthetic hats that block the access of oxygen to the follicles. As a result, the skin does not breathe, and my head starts to sweat, and ends it all with hair loss, seborrhea, fungus and allergic reactions. Also, do not want to wear hats with leather inserts and elastic at the back.

Experts recommend not to forget about regular washing of hats. It should be remembered that hats should not only be clean but also comfortable.

Natasha Kumar

Natasha Kumar

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