'Spectrum 2020'-the 9th Symposium on Cardiology Therapies & Research Update hosted by AJ ... .

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‘Spectrum 2020’-the 9th Symposium on Cardiology Therapies & Research Update hosted by A J Hospital & RC

‘Spectrum 2020’-the 9th Symposium on Cardiology Therapies & Research Update hosted by A J Hospital and Research centre, Mangaluru was held at Hotel Ocean Pearl, Mangaluru on Saturday, 11 January 2020.

Mangaluru : A One day Cardiology conference/Symposium “SPECTRUM – 2020” was organized on Saturday the 11th January 2020 at “Hotel Ocean Pearl”, Mangaluru. ‘SPECTRUM’ which started in 2012, this year attracted nearly 400 delegates consisting of Cardiologists, Physicians, Post-Graduates of Cardiology and Medicine all over Karnataka and neighboring states. Eminent speakers from India, as well as a International Speaker adorned this conference. The programme included lectures, debates, interactive sessions in various fields of Cardiology.

This year theme of the SPECTRUM 2020 is, Interdisciplinary Collaboration relating CVs to other systemic diseases like Onco-Cardio, Endo-Cardio, Diet Myths and Solutions. The Symposium also saw Interventional Cardiology topics and a topic of importance in doctors day to day clinical practice- “Medical Negligence” : What should be known? The scientific fiesta included series of lucid lectures, debate and interactive sessions, and ECG sessions.

Cardiology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the heart as well as parts of the circulatory system. The field includes medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electro-physiology. Physicians who specialize in this field of medicine are called cardiologists, a specialty of internal medicine. Pediatric cardiologists are pediatricians who specialize in cardiology. Physicians who specialize in cardiac surgery are called cardiothoracic surgeons or cardiac surgeons, a specialty of general surgery.

Although the cardiovascular system is inextricably linked to blood, cardiology is relatively unconcerned with hematology and its diseases. Some obvious exceptions that affect the function of the heart would be blood tests (electrolyte disturbances, troponins), decreased oxygen carrying capacity (anemia, hypovolemic shock), and coagulopathies. Many of the topics pertaining to Cardiology was covered during the one-day conferences with informative details shared by eminent speakers.

Following the invocation seeking God’s blessings, the welcome address was delivered by Dr B V Manjunath-the Organizing Chairman and Chief Interventional Cardiologist at A J Hospital. The conference was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by Dr AJ Shetty, along with all the dignitaries on the dais, namely Guests of honour- Padmashree Prof Dr Upendra Kaul-Chairman of Batra Heart Centre, New Delhi; Dr Ashok Hegde-Dean, A J Institute of Medical sciences, Mangaluru; Dr Prashanth Marla- Medical Director, A J Hospital and research Centre, Mangaluru; Dr R Purshotham- Organizing secretary and Associate Professor at AJIMS, Mangaluru; and Dr Chakrapani-Prof of Medicine, KMC, Mangaluru and one of the Chairperson of the Symposium.

Padmashree Prof Dr Upendra Kaul was felicitated on the occasion for his contribution in the field of Cardiology. Addressing the audience Dr Kaul said, “This is the my second visit to Mangaluru-the land of Lord Manjunatha and the hometown of Dr Manjunath-the organizing chairman of this conference. Happy to be in this coastal town which is much cleaner than polluted New Delhi. Being Cardiologist and not knowing the advances of it is of no use. Therefore conferences like this one plays an important role in updating the knowledge of the cardiologists. This symposium is well organized and it is a interesting and intellectual meeting. Grab all the required information delivered by eminent speakers, and make the best use of this symposium”. Patience, Silence and Smile should always be possessed by doctors, to be a good and caring doctor. And also decision making is also important”

Also addressing the audience, chief guest Dr AJ Shetty said ” We all know heart related diseases are on the rise, A.J. Hospital & Research Centre (AJHRC) has been a leading advanced tertiary healthcare center of India, providing the best care and treatment for cardiovascular disease. We are specialized and providing service to more than 30 major medical disciplines, embracing new technologies to offer high level healthcare that matches the best in the country. Our institution is designed and built according to the international standards to provide world class healthcare. A modern facility boasting of the latest in equipment and infrastructure, the hospital is headed by a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced doctors, supported by a professional cadre of trained nursing, paramedical staff and hospital administrative staff. With the vision of ‘Quality Health Care for all’, the hospital provides a perfect match between patient needs and medical facilities, delivering quality healthcare at an affordable cost. Our Centre ensures continues quality assurance program and the first in the region to achieve `the coveted NABH accreditation for QCI. Have a great time at the conference”.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Jayashanker Marla- Cardiology Dept at A J Hospital, and the introduction of Dr Upendra Kaul was done by Dr R Purushotham, the organizing secretary. The formal programme was compered by Dr Samreen Jaffar, Dr Meghna Rao, Dr Ahalya M R and Dr Jeril James, all of AJ Hospital and Research Centre. The inaugural programme was followed by talks on various topics pertaining to cardiology by eminent speakers Mangaluru, and the symposium ended with interactive ECG session by moderator Dr Manish Rai-Consultant Electrophysiologist, KMC, Mangaluru.

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