Some try the all-natural approach to protect themselves from the flu .

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VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. (WVEC) – While the flu continues to spread like wildfire, many people are trying to find ways to stay healthy by using the holistic approach.

Riggs owns the Crunchy Carrot on Virginia Beach Boulevard. There they sell a wellness shot.

"It's an ounce of lemon and ginger. The two of them are like this beautiful combination of flu-fighting holistic remedies," explained owner Megan Riggs."It's just going to flood your system with tons of amazing nutrients."

With this year's flu outbreak many people are trying anything to stay healthy.

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"The wellness shots and the cold press juices are flying off the shelf,” explained Riggs.

The Crunchy Carrot isn't the only local place people are flocking to for the holistic approach. The Heritage Natural Market is busy too.

"We have a lot of people trying to prevent the flu so they are coming in and buying Elderberry and Oscillococcinum,” explained General Manager Brenda Diggs

Diggs said the hardest thing to keep in stock is Oscillococcinum.

She said, "We can't keep it on the shelves, it's not available and it's not available as much through the company so once we are out we can't get any more."

Many people want to know, do these types of remedies really work?

Doctor Uma Senthilkumas with EVMS who has a degree in Alternative Medicine said she's not too familiar with the pill form remedies, but juices with lemon, honey, and ginger can work wonders.

"It builds your immunity by taking this stuff and I would highly recommend it," explained Senthilkumas.

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