Slog AM: Boeing Crash Raises Serious Questions, North Korea Holds "Elections," Tucker Carlson ... .

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There were no survivors.

There were no survivors. MANOP1984 / GETTY IMAGES

Second deadly plane crash puts pressure on Boeing: A plane crashed in Ethiopia on Sunday morning killing all 157 passengers and crew. This is the second Boeing 737 MAX 8 to crash in the last four months, following a similar crash in Indonesia that killed 189 people. The question now is whether this is just terrible luck or if Boeing’s new plane model is to blame. China has grounded its entire fleet of 737 MAXs as a safety precaution while airline regulators figure out what the problem is and Ethiopia determines the cause of the crash. Things are not looking good for Boeing.

What the hell is a lid? This KING 5 article said it about a baker’s dozen times, but I still had to go look it up. The city is considering covering the section of I-5 that goes through downtown in a public green space that would reconnect neighborhoods split by the highway and cut down on noise pollution. If you think about the Washington State Convention Center now that covers I-5 and then just extend the tunnel in either direction, that’s what the lid is. It could in theory create 15 acres of usable space.

Tucker Carlson is a shitty person: I know you’re all just as shocked as I am that Fox News’ white nationalist idea launderer turned out to be a bad egg. A watchdog group called Media Matters unearthed an interview where Carlson, among other things, defends a convicted child abuser, calls women “cunty,” and says women as a whole are “primitive.” Listen to the whole thing below, but have a puke bucket nearby because the guy is the human equivalent of spoiled ranch dressing. Advertisers for his show were already dwindling, but this latest revelation, along with growing calls for his resignation, could finally rid us of his constipated listening face.

Trump is demanding border wall money again: And he’s asking for even more money than last time! But don’t worry, there probably won’t be another shutdown anytime soon. His budget requests don’t go into effect unless Congress allows them to, and you can bet the $8.6 billion Trump wants that Democrats won’t give him a cent for his wall.

Every cigarette smoked while pregnant increases risk: Sudden Unexpected Infant Death is just as its name suggests. Researchers at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Microsoft used data to clarify the links between SUID and smoking while pregnant. Every cigarette smoked increases the risk of sudden infant death, and smoking during the third trimester was found to be the most harmful. Even smoking just one cigarette can double the child’s risk of SUID. They estimated that 800 of the 3,700 annual SUID were from smoking and are one of the most preventable risk factors.

Hope you enjoyed the sun: Because we’re going to have weather again. Wind and rain rolling in later today.

Pete Buttigieg calls the Trump administration the “porn star presidency”: I feel like this may have backfired because it sounds way cooler than Trump is in real life. As Dan Savage noted, there are a lot of things wrong with this presidency, but porn stars aren’t one of them. The comment in full was a dig at Vice President Mike Pence that read: “How could Pence allow himself to become the cheerleader of the porn star presidency? Is it that he stopped believing in scripture, when he started believing in Donald Trump? I don’t know. I don’t know.” I do look forward to seeing what other zingers the presidential hopeful comes up with along the way.

North Koreans go to the polls: But there’s only one name on the ballot, and you better believe they’re not crossing it out. Kim Jong-un is surely going to be “elected” by 100 percent voter turnout, I’m just surprised they didn’t report 120 percent. What would even happen if everyone voted no confidence? Do they have a rule for that? Where's Vox when you need them for completely impossible hypothetical questions?

Start your week off with some international music: I'm going to post my five favorite songs in five different languages this week. Let's start off with my most listened to Spotify song of 2018! If I ever make a movie, this will definitely be the opening credits.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A concert with the Studio Jazz Ensemble and the UW Modern Band, a screening of Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan's comedy masterpiece The Wild Pear Tree, and a chance to see Ryna Frankel: Hold Me, Touch Me.