Paul Coblich and Yashi Yatrand, General Physicians in North York, and Emergency Physicians at ... .

Mount Sinai Hospital, New York



Paul Kubic and Yashi Yandrara are emergency doctors at North York General and Mount Sinai hospitals – they are husband and wife.

Paul Cobbik You can start at any working time to save lives or watch people die, and clean up scratches at the end of the shift. With COVID, we saw some very sick people who wanted to go to the airports because they couldn’t breathe. That process will calm them down and put a tube into their throat. That is the most dangerous part of our job and the most dangerous part of their journey in the hospital.

Yashi Yatrandra We are health care workers. We have the capacity to get sick. We have two children at home, and they may get sick. We have the luxury of changing our shifts so that someone is always at home. I was working today. Paul had children.

Cobalt This is the job! Late today, with the two kids, I was scrolling to those important child care workers’ phone numbers.

Yathrandra Now I have to worry about hugging my kids after work since it can have drops in my neck or hair. We had to take unusual steps to make sure we didn’t bring the virus home.

All I need for a job such as a stethoscope, a badge, and a pen are in a plastic ziplock bag in another suitcase that doesn’t come home. After transferring, I recently cleaned and retrieved all of my items and put them in a ziplock bag, put my strawberries in the trash can, leave the hospital with my “contaminated” shoes and wear an alternate pair that I would wear home. This is after several rounds of hand washing.

I’m going home. As soon as I stopped, I brought my hands and steering head clean (we have hygiene in the car). The garage leads us to our laundry room. I take all my clothes off and put them in the laundry machine, and I run as fast as I can to wash them as quickly as possible.

Cobalt The best part of me! There is no evidence for people who are sick with dirty clothing. There is no evidence that this is a problem. But at the same time, if I can get naked in the front door and climb up, I’ll do it!

When this started and we were screening people differently – it didn’t have a mask or face mask for every patient – I finally realized that a patient had symptoms that could be vulnerable. I didn’t have a partial mask for that interview. That would not allow me to enter the house any more. I went straight to the floor.

Yathrandra I arrived at the lodge for supper and bedding. I’m scared! We waited for the results of the patient’s tumor before we let him back in the house.

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