Mayor Announces MAC Improvements .

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Jennifer Lewerenz | Feb 11, 2019 AT 4:21 pm

Mayor Announces MAC ImprovementsClick to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News

(KNSI) - Mayor Dave Kleis is asking state legislators to consider investing $16 million into improving the City of St. Cloud's Municipal Athletic Complex.

The City of St. Cloud and the local community will fund $8 million of the expansion, but they ask for the State of Minnesota to shoulder a share of the cost of this premiere facility.

The MAC is a unique-in-Minnesota complex which includes two baseball stadiums, two ice arenas, a nine-hole golf course and the Minnesota Veterans Plaza. It has been associated with major tournaments and family getaways for forty-eight years.

The project will include updates on the following: arena addition that will include 5 new locker rooms, dryland training space, sports medicine area, office space, storage, and meeting room; an expansion of the entry lobby, ticketing, business office, and restrooms; Dick Putz field will be replaced with artificial turf, which will meet all accessibility goals, as well as accommodate baseball and additional sports, such as soccer, lacrosse, and rugby; the 33-year old roof will be replaced and mechanics will be updated.

The MAC presents its first funding request in its history so that it may better meet modern needs and create new opportunities for Minnesotans for many years to come.

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