Girl who fell in icy Rock Island pond will be released from hospital this week .

Seattle Children's Hospital



Rae’Ana Rosenberg, the 6-year-old girl who fell into an icy Rock Island pond Feb. 21, is scheduled to be released from Seattle Children’s Hospital on Friday.

Though she has extensive physical therapy ahead of her, it is the culmination of an incredible journey of recovery for the girl.

She was rescued by Douglas County Fire District 2 firefighters after spending almost 20 minutes in the pond and was then brought back to life by a crew from Ballard Ambulance.

Her stay at Seattle Children’s Hospital has included times when family, friends, hospital staff and thousands of people who were following her story in the Wenatchee Valley feared the worst.

At one point, she “coded,” the height of life-saving emergency care.

But in recent weeks, it has been mostly positive news as Rae’Ana was removed from intensive care, began talking and started taking her first tentative steps. She also was able to take small bites of food, her mother, Becca Shelton, reported.

Shelton, with help from local supporters, is still arranging housing in Wenatchee but was able to purchase a minivan for trips back and forth as Rae’Ana continues to receive care in Seattle.

Shawn Ballard of Ballard Ambulance said Town Toyota offered an “amazing” deal on the minivan after hearing it was for the girl’s family.

The Wenatchee Valley has rallied around the girl, extending prayers during the darkest days of her recovery and donating to Facebook and GoFundMe fundraising pages, as well as a night of fund-raising at Blue Spoon Yogurt in East Wenatchee.

So far, the GoFundMe page has raised just over $11,000 and the Facebook drive about $3,300.

Shelton, in addition to also having a 12-year-old son, gave birth to a baby girl earlier this month.