Infectious disease is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and management of infectious disease, especially for complex cases and immunocompromised patients.

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What's the Best Medicine?

Illustration: Benjamin Currie (Gizmodo)Giz AsksIn this Gizmodo series, we ask questions about everything from space to butts and get answers from a variety of experts. Thousands of medicines have made it to market in the last century or so. Some of...

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What are drug-resistant infections?

What are drug-resistant infections?Drug resistance happens when bacteria adapt over time to survive the effects of drugs designed to kill them. In this process bacteria – not humans or animals – become resistant to antibiotics.When bacteria develop r...

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Measles erases the immune system's memory

The most iconic thing about measles is the rash — red, livid splotches that make infection painfully visible.But that rash, and even the fever, coughing and watery, sore eyes, are all distractions from the virus’s real harm — an all-out attack on the...

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The return of a sexual scourge

A 15-year-old girl is pregnant with twins. Her partner is also 15. Set aside the concern that the couple are too young to start a family, the teen mum also has syphilis."From my experience attending pregnant patients, syphilis is back. The disease is...