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Scientists: Coffee will help to ease the pain

The scientists said that a couple of cups of coffee will help to ease the pain, like over-the-counter painkillers. The study was conducted by the Harvard medical school, Boston children’s hospital Medical center Beth.“We have developed a Protocol fo...

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Lorraine Adelman obituary

Lorraine E. Adelman passed away peacefully on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, at Seaview Retreat in Rowley. Lorraine was born in Uxbridge to George Merchant and Laura (Renault) Merchant on March 17, 1931. She was a graduate of Somerville High School cla...

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Apps may help kids learn ABCs and 123s

Interactive educational apps may be able to help young children master early academic skills like math and reading, a research review suggests. The analysis of results from previous studies found that normally-developing kids who use interactive edu...

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The Beauty of the Brain

Credit: Jess Bell and Mary Whitman (Engle lab)Every year, the Harvard Brain Science Initiative sponsors its Beauty of the Brain contest. This year, two Boston Children’s Hospital images are among the six winners drawn from a pool of forty sub...