Radiology is a branch of medicine that employs medical imaging to diagnose and treat disease.

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Crescent sign - inverted crescent sign

The crescent sign is described in hydatid disease.  When the hydatid cyst erodes the adjacent bronchus or bronchiole, the trapped air between the pericyst and the laminated membrane of the endocyst give a crescent-shaped rim of air around the cyst, t...

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Electron binding energy

The electron binding energy describes the work that is required to remove an electron from an atom, as electrons are held in place by the electrostatic pull of the positively charged nucleus. The electron binding energy is measured in electron volt (...

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Radiology specialists

Job Description: We are currently looking for Radiology specialist doctors for a hospital in Norrköping, the province of Östergötland in eastern Sweden. Main requirements:• EU nationality.• Completed EU specialist training programme in Radiolo...