Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders.

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Between the Doors of a Psychiatric Hospital

The EMTs gingerly wheeled me through the doors. “Good luck to you…” their voices trailing off, leaving me alone and strapped to the gurney in the middle of the lobby.The lights were low. Some of the patients were still up sipping coffee. The nurses a...

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Psychiatric illnesses may haunt children

Not many 15-year-olds I see walk in with an Orhan Pamuk novel, but Sneha had one in her hands when she came to see me in my outpatient consultation room. She was reading it while waiting to see me in the hospital, where her mother had brought her. “...

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Eating disorders can mask autism in girls

Professor Robyn Young at Flinders University, who presented on the link between female autism and eating disorders at the recent APS College of Clinical Psychologists conference, said girls with autism were often better at “camouflage” than their mal...

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Marc Hollender

Jump to navigation Jump to search Marc Hale Hollender (1916–1998) was an American psychiatrist. Biography Hollender was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1916. He primarily grew up there, but also spent parts of his early life i...