Preventive medicine measures taken for disease prevention, as opposed to disease treatment.

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Say goodnight with sleep apps

There are many sleep apps that claim to use the accelerometer, microphone and camera in your phone to record the quality of your sleep, using sleep graphs to show how you slept, but all of them use average sleep patterns. This is based on the idea th...

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Medical Health resume

CURICULLUM VITAE PERSONAL DETAILS: Name: Dr. V K Smit Fathers Name: Mr H Chand Date of Birth: 22/02/1984 Marital status: Unmarried Permanent address: Flat No 273,Mayur Vihar-3 Distt: Delhi Correspondence Address: 8 D, Pocket- F, GTB Enclave, Di...

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How to avoid traveler's diarrhea

Don't drink the water.That's the advice you may have heard for avoiding traveler's diarrhea.While it's a good start, the devil is in the details."There are more nuances to it than just avoiding drinking the water," said Dr. Cindy Kermott, a Mayo C...

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Natural Preventive Medicine

Natural Preventive MedicinePosted in DrinkThere are so many voices telling us what is good and what isn’t good for us that it can drive you crazy. We are told one-week coffee has beneficial properties, the next week someone is crying coffee is the de...