Neurology is a branch of medicine that deals with the brain and the nervous system.

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Neurological letter from Chad

Chad is a landlocked country in central sub-Saharan Africa (figures 1–3). In 2015, the United Nations Development Program ranked Chad 185 out of 188 countries on the Human Development Index.1 Most of the approximately 14.5 million Chadians live in ex...

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KIN 707

Basic histology, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of the human nervous system. Use of brain specimens, videos and pathology case studies to elucidate cell structure, sensory and motor systems, and spinal cord, brainstem and cortical org...

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Sunlight and MS: New Pieces of the Puzzle

Spending time outside in the summer appears to have a stronger association with reduced future risk for multiple sclerosis (MS) rather than time spent with direct sunlight on the skin, a new study suggests. This finding implies that " th...