Internal medicine involves with adult diseases

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Your New Year Diet Plan

Every year millions of people set health-related New Year’s resolutions, so what better time to study up on healthier eating than now? Recognising the gulf between the aspiration to eat well and the reality of daily life, we’re sharing a few of the c...

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Internal medicine shelf score reddit

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Sr Secretary - Internal Medicine

The primary purpose of the Sr. Secretary is to provide support to the administrative staff in the Division of Internal Medicine. The Sr. Secretary performs secretarial and front desk duties in the DoIM Administration Office.Front Desk:Greet and triag...

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Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

The department of Geriatrics deals with medical care of elderly or older people. In a stage when organ functioning begins to deteriorate, many can mistake ageing for diseases and diseases for ageing. But it is integral in one’s life that they ensure...