Gynaecology  is a diagnosis and treatment of the female reproductive system

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Health unwell under Carrington

PDP calls for Secretary's firing Minority Assemblyman Farley Augustine at the Progressive Democratic Patriots election campaign launch on October 27. - DAVID REID The Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) has called for the rem...

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Abstetrics gynaecology

Department of Gynaecology Lini Hospital Cancer Institutes offers a specialist surgical service for the prevention, diagnosis, staging, treatment & care of women with gynaecological cancer. Gynaecological can...

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Drug linked to death of pregnant women

Study analysed samples of oxytocin in 15 countries Poor quality oxytocin, a drug used to stop excessive bleeding in pregnant women, has been linked to high maternal mortality. Excessive bleeding or post-partum haemorrhage (PPH) is responsible for 40...

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Understanding Ovulation

Ovulation, which occurs as a result of regular menstrual cycle, is important for a woman’s health and well-being whether or not she is trying to get pregnant, experts say.It has been discovered that many women are concerned with ovulation in relation...