Dentistry is a branch of medicine that deals with treatment of diseases in the oral cavity.

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New Patients

Words to AvoidYou can help make the first visit to the dentist enjoyable and positive. It is best if you refrain from using words around your child that might cause unnecessary fear, such as needle, shot, pull, drill, or hurt. Our trained staff uses...

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Ora Dentistry on Periodontal Gum Disease

This is the first in a continuing series of articles on dental health with Dr. Devan Dalla with Ora Dentistry Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease) and Health, Ora Dentistry Elk Grove We are seeing more and more patient population in our Elk Grove d...

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Dental Implant Average Cost Information

The average cost of dental implants is $3,000 to $4,500 for a single tooth implant according to The New York Times.  This compares favorably with other tooth replacement options because a dental implant from an experienced, qualified dental implant...