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Propagating natural way of life

Seeing him, most people may feel that he is a Baba… but, Shailender is a computer science engineer who worked for different companies. Having realised that his calling was something else, he started to live life according to his will.“I am an ethical...

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Our Favorite South American Superfoods

Chia, quinoa and even acai berries. Aside from growing into beloved superfoods, these foods have one other thing in common- they all hail from South America.Native to South America, the Mayans and Incas are considered some of the healthiest people in...

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Eyes open for New Zealand pseudoscience

123rfThere's no established evidence suggesting water dowsing is reliable. OPINION: I've only once ever witnessed water divining in action. It was on a farm north of Auckland nearly 20 years ago. The owner, by no means a hippy or alternative type, w...