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Whitefield Lions Club hold Speak Out event

The Whitefield Lions Club hosted its annual Speak Out competition Jan. 24 at the Lions Club clubhouse in Coopers Mills. Five members of the Erskine Academy speech and debate team competed in the event. Arthur Sollitt, Adam Ochs, Conor Skehan, Caleb...

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Well-researched primer to current affairs

CURRENT AFFAIRS THE NEW SILK ROADS: THE PRESENT AND FUTURE OF THE WORLD By Peter Frankopan Bloomsbury/291 pages/ $30.58 with GST/Books Kinokuniya/ 3 stars Early in Peter Frankopan's book is a nugget of information about how the rise of China's mid...

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Killing the Old Folks

He [Harold Ross] was reminded of a pleasant afternoon that the two of them [Ross and Mrs. Roosevelt] had spent a few years earlier, talking for hours as they rode along in Mrs. Roosevelt’s sedan. At one point the former First Lady suddenly allowed as...