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Fillmore County Hospital has been partnered with Stryker Performance Solutions for 5 years. We are one of 95 Stryker Joint Care Facilitiy clients in the country and one of two in Nebraska. Through this partnership we are able to measure and track the progress of our total knee and hip replacement patients.  We are measuring the amount of pain and degree of difficulty they have during certain activities; ie going up and down stairs, straightening the leg, bending to the floor to pick an object, rising from a seated position and standing up straight. We also measure distance walked. They also share with us on the survey how they feel about their general health, both physical and mental. We do this survey for one year at different time intervals, one before surgery (pre-op) and and 5 more which are done at follow up visits (post-op). We also track surgery time, recovery room time, complications, length of stay and patient satisfaction and likelihood to recommend All of this information is reviewed on a quarterly basis with our whole team and we see how we doing and are able to compare our metrics with all of the other facilities in the same partnership with Stryker.

Example – Metrics tracked for the last 4 quarters of data (Q4 2018- Q3 2019)- 1 year time frame

Patient Related Metrics

Likelihood to Recommend:  99% of Patients would definitely recommend our hospital to friends or family for Knee replacement. Compared to the database average of 81%

None to Mild Pain:  At 6 weeks post surgery 91% of our patients report only minimal pain when straightening their surgical knee as compared to only 73% of our comparison database average

Hospital Metrics:  

Post op ambulation: 92% of our patients will walk at least 300 feet at one time before they go home after surgery. 58% of the patients in our database group did the same.

In the past 4 quarters:  0% Complications related to their joint replacement (database average 0.46%), 0% Blood Transfusions given (database average 1.40%),  0% Returned to hospital for care after discharge within 90 days (database average 7.46%)