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This is a sponsored post in partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital. All opinions are my own.

Behavioral health and mental health awareness in children is not something that seems to get a lot of attention. Or maybe it just doesn’t seem to get enough of it. Did you know that one in five children is living with a mental illness and 50% of all lifetime mental illnesses start by age 14. In some way, mental illness touches everyone. You may have a friend, family member or child who is living with a mental illness. Dealing with this is essential to improving overall family wellness.

There are a number of mental health charities out there, but there’s one that really support behavioral health and mental health awareness for children. It’s Nationwide Children’s Hospital and it has a fantastic story to tell.

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Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is a destination academic pediatric medical center. The hospital will treat sickest of patients from across the country and around the world. There is also a focus on cutting edge research and top notch training of physicians, scientists and health care professionals. Their unparalleled investment in behavioral health services, research, and mental health awareness is unique. Is shows me and their patients that they are all about the well-being of children everywhere.

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Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion

Thanks to a transformational $50 million gift from Big Lots and their Foundation, Nationwide Children’s Hospital has constructed America’s largest behavioral health treatment and research center just for children and adolescents!! The need is great and Nationwide and Big Lots seem to be tackling this head on and I love it. This is why this is one of the absolute best mental health charities you can support today.

The new pavilion is located in downtown Columbus, Ohio and is the first of its kind on a pediatric campus. Research, care and prevention are integrated into a 9-story facility. This will serve as a national model for other institutions. The scope is a game-changer in the way the patients are treated and the laser-like focus that this facility has. It’s awesome to read about and what’s more awesome is my invitation to go to Columbus and see it for myself! This will be a real honor and I can’t wait to see it all for myself.

Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion

Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion Features

This is an amazing nine story facility that includes outpatient and inpatient programs. From mood and anxiety to general psychiatry, the Big Lots Behavioral Heath Pavilion at Nationwide Children’s Hospital will do it’s best to do it all! The new pavilion will eventually have 48 inpatient beds and have capacity for more in the future!! A 16-bed Youth Crisis Stabilization Unit and a Psychiatric Crisis Center with 10-bed Extended Observation Suite will also be available for patients.

I love that there will be spaces throughout the pavilion for the kids to just be kids, too. How about a Ronald McDonald Family Room, Rooftop Outdoor Play Deck, and Sanctuary and Quiet Spaces to start?! This will be a facility that looks to treat the entire patient and it will always remember the patients are children and adolescents.

Check out this amazing video!!

On Our Sleeves Campaign

The Big Lots Pavilion is something to truly celebrate and Nationwide is amazing! I wanted to talk about just one of the many amazing programs Nationwide supports. I’ve posted about this in the past because I really love the message. It’s called the On Our Sleeves™ movement and it’s all about ending stigmas and misconceptions about behavioral health and encourage people to take action by joining the movement.

Mental health charities face big challenges. A significant one seems to be getting adults to recognize and admit that there are children out there that need help. For whatever reason, it seems like a taboo subject that people don’t like to talk about. Nationwide Children’s Hospital is looking to change the way behavioral health and mental health awareness is viewed and treated.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital


I will have unprecedented access to behavioral health experts during a Q&A session, so please let me know if you have any questions that you would like to be answered at the summit by behavioral health clinical experts and advocates. If you do, please feel free to email me or message me on any of my social platforms.

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Find Out More and Lend Your Support

To find out more about Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the amazing new Big Lots Behavioral Heath Pavilion, be sure to check out You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Also, search hashtag #OnOurSleeves.

To find out more about Big Lots, be sure to check out Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital. All opinions are my own.

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