150 protest opening of quarantine camp in Sai Kung; riot police intervene – one injured – updated .

First aid



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Police raise the yellow warning flag Photos: Stand News

This story has been updated.

One person was injured when riot police broke up a secondary protest in Sai Kung this afternoon. Following the peaceful rally of more than 150 residents in front of the temple, some of the protesters decided to march towards the waterfront.

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The injured man in Lakeside Garden, Sai Kung Photo: inmediahknet

However, while they were walking in the area of Lakeside Garden, riot police raised the blue warning flag and the public left immediately. But the police blocked the road near Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant and the estate.

During the altercation a middle-aged man was hit by riot police with batons, leaving a lot of blood on the ground. First responders at the scene wanted to help, but the riot police stopped them. It took a few minutes until first aid arrived to help the injured man.

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Police raise the blue warning flag Photo: inmediahknet

Medics told reporters that the injured man was slightly concussed, and that the injury was not severe, with a minor bone cracked on the head, pointing to blood on the ground as cerebrospinal fluid, and confirmed the injury was caused by baton. At least thirty riot police officers then entered the Garden to look for remaining protesters.

Earlier this week the government announced that Sai Kung Outdoor Recreational Centre was to be used as a quarantine centre. Many in the local community were enraged by the decision, especially as it was made without any consultation with nearby residents.

Yesterday (8/2) several people suspected to be in need of quarantine were sent to the camp.

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